History of Company

Petro Farhang Company (Private Joint Stock) was established on June 22, 2008 As a private joint stock corporation and was registered in Tehran Registry for Companies and Patent Right under No 324859. Presently, 100% of shares of this Company belong to Farhangian Saving Fund. This Company is domiciled at # 8, 4th Alley, North Shams Tabrizi St., Mirdamad Ave Tehran IRAN

Goals and objectives

In consideration of relative superiority of our country in the fields of gas and oil, rating 2nd across the world, the main objective of establishment of Petro Farhang Company was to get engaged in economic activities in the said industries and petrochemical industries compared to other industries, which enjoy more desirable value-added and importance. Consequently, Farhangian Saving Fund Institute, aiming at more profiting from Farhangian Deposit, member of this Fund, acted upon establishment of Petro Farhang Company

General policies of the Company

Petro Farhang Company, Private Joint Stock, aiming at investment in and establishment of producing plans in oil, gas, Petrochemistry and energy, with perspective of 2021, as one of top and well-known holding companies in Iran Petrochemistry, embarked its line of activity

Objectives of the Company

*Investment in and establishment of various companies in the fields of oil, gas, Petrochemistry, energy and affiliated industries
*Conduction of all commercial affairs including import, export, obtaining and granting representation from/to local and foreign companies
*Obtaining or transfer of technical know-how and privileges from/to local and foreign resources
*Obtaining sorts of facilities and loans from banks and credit and finance institutions inside and outside the country and support of affiliated companies
*Purchase of the shares of local and foreign companies and factories, partly or entirely
*Erection of manufacturing-industrial factories with respect to the objects of the Company inside or outside the country
*Accomplishment of all affairs related to the objectives of the Company, partly or entirely, directly or through local and foreign real and legal entity/ies
*Accomplishment of all projects for establishment from studies phase to operation phase

Capital of the Company

This Company owns a capital amounting to 2000,000,000,000.- Rls  


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