Middle East kimia Pars CO

Middle East Kimiaye Pars Company , with the registeration number 308393 was registered on 25 September 2007 in Tehran registration office of non-commercial companies and institutes.

The current Capital of the company is 800 Billion Rials


Company Info:

Middle East Kimiyaye Pars Co. is a Private limited Company

Company's areas of activity:.

  • Establishment of chemical and petrochemical production complexes.
  • Commercial activities such as import and export of chemical and manufactured products.
  • Founding subsidiary companies, domestic and international partnership with real and legal entities.
  • Accepting and offering representative offices for the relevant activities.
  • Obtaining credits and facilities for expedition of commercial and production activities of company in Rial and Foreign exchange.
  • Repair, maintenance and exploitation engineering services of the established units inside and outside the company, purchasing stock of production companies


Board members, CEO:



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