With this policy in mind since 1981 the subject of organizing an Iranian inspection company with a national and independent nature was taken into consideration by authorities.
Therefore for the ease of mind of buyers and sellers in their international trade relations Industrial and Engineering Inspection Company of Iran was established in 1983.

One of the perils of international trade for sellers and specially buyers of goods is the uncertainty of the opposing parties for the performance of their accepted responsibilities.
In this regard, one of the tools which can be used to evaluate and control the buyer's responsibilities before shipment and receiving funds is the benefit of using an inspection company to observe and control quality and quantity of the goods purchased in order to reduce dispute between buyers and sellers.
In order to avoid and minimize problems and discrepancies, the inspection of goods at origin is considered to be one of the most important tools for reducing and avoiding disputes between traders.
Today inspection companies are vital tools of world trade and they are used to control quality, quantity and packing to avoid importation and exportation of goods with inferior quality.
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