Policies &Objectives

The Teacher investment fund as an economic institution- is trying to improve the member’s welfare by economic activities such as corporate goverance, the equity investment in company’s stock and major industries  including oil,petrochemical, mining and service activities.

The teacher investment fund is trying to achieve the maximum benefit -that make up its philosophy- to provide most appropriate services and economic benefits for teachers by applying the new economic vision on all affair and observe the principles of small core and large network.

Activity topic

Teacher investment fund , which is a legal entity and financial independence, can operate in all the following  fields according to statue and purpose:

  • Encouraging teachers to participate in economic activities.
  • Generating the capital market and liquidity attraction and mobilizing  it to different economic sectors.
  • Boosting and supporting the government economic program fulfilling the stock trading and commodities exchanges to  develop its expansion in the establishment and administration of offices.
  • Create opportunities for the participation of small investors in the manufacturing sector
  • Create, build and supply educational,cultural ,sports and other activities' units, or  getting permission of the competent authorities for the activities which meet community needs.
  • Obtaining loans and credit line  facilities.
  • Conducting Educational activities, research and consulting, management and other similar activities.
  • Build, operate and  participate in the construction and operation of utility units, including inns, clubs, residential and non-residential units and ... After obtaining permission from the competent authorities.
  • Depository at banks, credit institutions or other foreign or domestic authorized entities.

Conducting and using  of  investments  and accomplished participations by the managing  of  the investment company, Develop and represent  the systems and procedures needed for optimal utilization of investments and accomplished participation ​​in all fields.Partnerships with carriers or entities and funds, financial institutions and economic organizations in order to attract domestic and foreign investment and financing provisions of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  • Create and manage community health centers to provide health care services to educators and others, after obtaining permission from the competent authorities.
  • Lending facility in order to utilize of commercial brokerage services.
  • Financing, establishing, building, construction and obtaining the approval , construction and starting up  and operation of the workspaces and factories or  Participate in the establishment ,buy and selling different manufacturing firms, commercial  or services companies  share, in order to meet the teacher's needs.
  •  Obtaining the Agencies, establish branches and  granting agencies in the country or outside.
  • Doing Insurance broken affair  after obtaining permission.
  • Planning and organizing educational,training and  Pilgrimage tourism services  after obtaining permission.


Note: The Institute can establish  related companies to implement the provisions of this Article.

Institute funds

  • Share rights of teachers  fund – is equivalent to  maximum 5% of their monthly salary.
  • Government support equivalent to paid  teacher's shares.
  • Student's saved share.
  • Individuals supports or governmental  and non-governmental supports.
  • Other depositor's saved shares.


The institution's Depositors are as follows:

  • Officials and contract employees working in all departments and offices under the education ministry and its affiliates comapnies, including staff, administration and training employees in the country,also the abroad school's supervisor and subsidiaries educational centers, a as investors who are considered in  Note 63 of the second plan law of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Government  will be credited an equivalent amount of the deposit to the fund  in exchange for the investment.
  •  The committed teaching  student of universities and  higher education institutions and the students of  teacher training centers, technical school and colleges which have a  official hired testing mandate .
  • The non official  staff including contract personnels, can deposit into this institute. Their main membership will be done when they employed as a formal employee  or contract with education minister.theses people's operation  of the institute is only on the amount of their  payment  to invest and the participation duration.
  • All the founders and staff of non-profit schools ,as a  person and  non-profit schools as  and legal person.
  • All the country students.