Teachers spend their precious life to  educate the children of this land to provide science and  education base to the next generation.

In the 1994,The  thought to promote livelihood and teacher's welfare was introduced and persuade education minister official to try to achieve this goal by representing the Increased financial strength plan.

The plan is completed in Education Ministry and  approved by the parliament in 1995  in implementation of  the  Third  economic,social and cultural development law of Islamic republic of Iran- this institute was established  and register in the companies registration office by approved letter of  the board of ministers and is confirmed  based on the third development plan-cluase 147-  and the fourth development plan-cluase 53.

Note 63 of the second Economic,Social and Cultural Development Plan

The Education ministry is required to establish a Teachers Investment Fund .Teachers can pay maximum 5% of their salary to the fund’s account.

The government is assign to deposit, the equivalent amount, which is considered in annual budget, into the fund. The partnership stocks of teachers(that is the sum of members payment and  government Accrued benefit payment plus accrued benefit )will be refunded in the retirement or disabilities or redeem or pay to their heirs in the case of death.

The note 63 of the second Economic, Social and Cultural Development Planf Islamic republic of Iran has been approved in the third and fourth development plan as follows:

Clause 147 of the Third Economic, Social and Cultural Development PlanThe government is required to do the following options in order to fully realize of institute establishment objectives, and provide further welfare and living condition of teachers:

T he education ministerrys staff who have accepted fund membership or will be the member in future, should pay the amount of their monthly salary up to 5 percent  to fund account The government is also obliged to pay the equivalent amount of member’s stock in special credit line into the relevant budget every years.

Clause 53 of the Fourth Economic, Social and Cultural Development PlanThe  goal of establishing this institute is to support and improve  teacher’s finance-as the main pillars of the education system-after retirement  on the relative law’s note(note 63 of the second development plan, clause 147 of  the third plan and clause 53 the fourth development plan) and the statue’s roots.