Message of Managing Director

 As Teachers Investment Fund   is an Economic institution  rely on   Iranian valuable teachers, followed their activity  in order to  clarify and fulfilling  member's demands, launches, new project .For this purpose we seek to enable a better life for the teachers  in the field  of economy, by  using manger knowledge and utilization of human capital.

We believe strictly  that the  teachers can be perfects and effective in all fields. To achieve this purpose, it is important to do the following on the agenda:

1) Deposite the efforts made in previous period of institution activity, the achievements were not worthy for the wise and great members group.Therefore it is required to  redefine  the activities and Change the activities process to knowledge-base forms  in order to empowering   is on the agenda,in order to increase efficiency and productivity of members  income and increasing the services during the members employment  based on the responsibilities redefining.

2)  We Believe that "the theory of comparative advantage" Ricardo, is not subjective today, New economic activity's fields can be defined based on using the men's knowledge to create added value. Looking into future needs and changing the idea to creation is our mission   to promote the Iran and cultural community so we are following this way to achieve this purpose with others firms.

3)The  TIF property's diversity and stock portfolio and their distribution prevent the effective  and efficient management. To overcome challenges the institution's manager want to redefine the responsibilities and create the economic activity's chain in the production and good services to manage and control the investments and policymaking in this way changing the fund to holding is completed and the activities will be directed to new path in order to make the yield ratio reasonable in compare of institution's assets.

4) I strongly believe that the lack of long term vision and strategy will be removed the fund from economical competition and assign the area to competitors, therefore the teachers investment fund  is required to create  new strategies based on modern operational plans with rapid and proper reaction about the business changing enviroment –by defining the long- terms purpose and understanding the teacher's  current situation and business condition.

5) We believe that the Institute's research and planning  team needs to identify the next decade or beyond needs  to provide  systematic management for  the subsidiary companies to respond the requests. The next step is start the new activities phases to enter international  business.

6) Global Village in not only a word today ,rather is the plan of world status quo so the fund is belong to thecountry's teachers should have significant standards to enter this village therefor it is to enter the international business stages wisely to export technical and engineering services and manufactured goods. Therefore ,we invite international investors on new government economical policy and provide the base to enter technical knowledge to country  to use its benefit for members and progress the economic situation.

7) providing  the timely and accurate information from activities to the members and  facilitate their access to what is going on in this company.

At the end , I want to aknowledge  all the people who try to establish this institute and trying to convert  this institute to reliable  brand.